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Here you can find the answers to a few of the questions I am frequently asked.​​

What types of photography do you offer?

I specialize in Fine Art and Creative Portraits, Headshots, Boudoir, and private and corporate events. If you're looking for something that's not in one of these categories, just message me!

What exactly is a headshot?

Simply put, a headshot is a photograph of your head and face and not much else. Headshots are typically framed from just below the shoulders up, although this can vary depending on the intended usage.

The purpose of a headshot is to provide a face for your customers, clients, and business contacts to tie in to the other information they have about you. Take for example a business card. The information listed on the card says who you are and what you do, and your headshot puts a face to this information.

The background of your headshot can be an important choice. As a general rule if you are unsure about the background you want I suggest we photograph on either white or an off-white/neutral gray since a white or neutral background is usually the best choice for use on a business card or on social media sites.

A Typical Headshot Session

When your session time starts I'll ask you to sit or stand in front of a background which is typically white or grey unless you request a different color. I'll take a few test shots to hone things in a little bit to be sure we get the look we want. Once the lighting and exposure is correct I'll start taking photos. Lots of photos. In fact I may take 30, 50, even 100 or more depending on your session level!

My goal is to capture not just a good photograph of you, but to capture your personality, your very essence.

Headshot or Business Portrait

A business portrait is very much like a headshot. The main difference is that a business portrait includes the majority of your body, sometimes your entire body, as opposed to a headshot which is pretty much shoulders up.

Knowing ahead of time if you wish to have a portrait or a headshot helps when choosing your wardrobe for your session.

Wedding Photography

While I will gladly photograph your engagement, create beautiful bridal portraits before the wedding, and create captivating bridal boudoir before or after the wedding, I don't do photography of the wedding itself. 

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir sessions can be conducted here in the studio or at a location of your choosing, such as a hotel, airbnb, or even your home. Learn more about booking a fun and exciting Boudoir session here

About Your Session

When You Arrive

Hello and come on in! I'll introduce myself and verify your session type and details with you. Once we've done that we'll take a look at any clothing choices you have brought with you, if any.

After that I'll show you to the dressing room where you can change and/or touch up your hair and makeup if needed.

The Session

I'll start by taking a few test photos that allow me to get the lighting and other conditions right for your particular session. These test photos are not photos that will be used. They are simply to get things set so we get the right look for your session.

This also gives you time relax, let go, and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Once the lighting is set and you are comfortable we'll begin taking your photos.

During your session I will take a LOT of photos. Subtle differences that happen without cue or without you being aware such as a slight eye shift in one direction or the other, or a slight smile where there wasn't one before, or a nearly imperceptible tilt of the head can make a noticeable difference in the overall look, feel, and perception of your photo. I want a lot of options for us to choose from, so I take a lot of photos to give us those options.


Once your session is complete your proofs will be ready for review in approximately 7 days. Viewing your proofs gives you the opportunity to both review the images from your session and to choose the images you want to have edited and delivered as part of your session package. You can also specify any special editing requests if you have any.

During your proofing session you can request your photos be delivered as photographic prints, digital images, or both.


Your finished and edited photos will be ready in approximately 7-14 days and can be picked up here at the studio. If your package includes digital-only images I'll send you an email with a special link for you to download your images directly. 

Delivery Options

Each session package includes a specific number of finished images. You can always add additional images to your package, and you can order additional prints or digital images at any time after your session.

My Brand of Photography

Every photographer has their own unique style of photography, and for those that do their own editing, their own unique style of editing as well. Both of these skills combine and intertwine to give each photographer their own special style of images. Over time these skills become inseparable as one relies heavily upon the other in order to create an image in that artist's style. This style is their brand.

It's taken me years of work to develop my brand by creating my own unique style of both photography and editing. These unique styles are fully integrated into my work and brand as an artist. All photos I take, regardless of subject matter, are delivered fully edited in my style.

When you hire me as your photographer you are hiring me to apply my unique style, my brand, to your images.

Unedited or raw photos that have not been edited are never delivered and cannot be ordered as prints or digital images, as doing so would be destructive to my brand. 

Location Photography

I can photograph your portrait, headshot, event, or boudoir session at a location of your choice. On location rates are the same as my studio rates plus $150 and any additional venue fees, such as rental fees, cleanup fees, parking, food, drink, etc..

Location sessions further than 20 miles from my Dothan studio will incur an additional charge per every ten miles. Give me a call or drop an email and we can discuss your special needs. 


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