Photo Restoration and Copying Services


Restoring Old Photos

Many of us have old family photographs that have been passed down through generations. Over the years these photos can become discolored, scratched and damaged.

I can repair many of these issues here in the studio and create a better image that we can then make as many copies of as you need for a very reasonable cost. This is called digitizing and basically it's a process that takes your old printed photo and turns it into a digital computer file so that it can be enhanced and further processed. This is in-house service that I provide here in the studio and I am able to work with original photos up to 8"x10" in size.

If your original photo requires no editing the digitizing fee is $25 per photo. 

If your photo needs a little more work, say for example basic scratch removal and/or cropping, the fee is $40.

Photos that require the most work, such as color correction, are $60. This also includes removing any scratches and cropping the photo as needed.

Other additional services include people removal and even adding people to an old photo and are sometimes possible depending on the quality and content of the original photo. These services are priced according to difficulty and the time involved to create the corrected new image.

Creating Copies of Your Old Photos

Now that your old photo has been restored we can create as many copies for yourself and other family members as you need.

These new photo copies can be in digital format so that they can be shared on social media or sent through email or text, or they can be in prints in a size of your choice.

You can choose the types and sizes that you want from our Price List.


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