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TFP (time for prints, trade for prints, or sometimes test for prints) is a trade agreement between a photographer and a model, whereby the photographer agrees to shoot the model and the model agrees to pose for the photographer, without either one paying the other.

This is the most common method used by both photographers and models alike to build their portfolios when they are first starting out, and to keep their portfolios fresh and up to date with new material after they are established and throughout the rest of their careers.

It's a fact that some of my favorite images that I have created have been through TFP arrangements. And, as a photographer, I am always on the lookout for someone or something new and different to photograph.

When my scheduling permits, I am happy to shoot TFP, whether it's to help start or build your portfolio or just to create an image that we both can appreciate and enjoy.

New models with creative ideas as well as gymnasts and dancers are always welcome.

TFP shoots are always shot here in my Dothan studio where you will have full use of the dressing room and makeup area to help you achieve just the look you want. I also have hundreds of dresses, formal gowns, and shoes that you are free to use during the session.

Location shoots are possible in Dothan, Enterprise, Daleville, Ozark and from time to time Troy and Panama City but are subject to my schedule and will incur a travel charge. 

If you're interested in shooting TFP I encourage you to reach out and contact me.

Please note that headshots are not TFP. You can book a headshot session here.


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