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Passport Photos While You Wait

Same day / next day appointments typically available

Get two high quality fully compliant passport photo prints and a digital copy sent to your email.

REAL ID will soon be in force nationwide and will require an additional form of valid ID for all domestic flights. Your valid passport qualifies for use as this secondary ID.

Don't let your application be rejected. The State Department has certain guideline rules in place regarding passport photos so please remember to keep these points in mind when coming in for your passport photo:

  • Clothing should be your everyday wear.
  • You cannot wear a uniform of any kind or camouflage.
  • You cannot wear glasses in your photo.
  • You cannot wear a hat.
  • You cannot cover any part of your face.
  • Neutral expression. A closed mouth smile is OK.
  • No photo retouching is allowed.

If you have not already applied for your passport you can find the necessary information to do so here.

Schedule Your Passport Photo Appointment

Having your passport photo taken is a quick process typically taking fifteen minutes or less. Since the session is so short I can usually get you in the same day, if not the following day.

You can book your appointment either by clicking the Book Now button below or by calling (334) 226-2622.

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Employee & Contractor Photo ID Cards

Need ID Card Badges for yourself, your employees or your contractors?

I produce the highest quality PVC photo ID badges printed on the spot using the same equipment that generates government approved state issued driver licenses.

First Time Setup - If this is your first ID card with me

To create an ID card requires a template of the information you want to appear on your card. The easiest way to do this is to send a photo of an existing card, and then supply the information that you wish to go on your card.

Alternatively you can also send a quick sketch or mockup showing the information you would like on the card.

Be sure to include your company logo if you wish for it to appear.

A maximum of 8 fields are available on a card, for example Name, Employee ID Number, Position, Expiration Date, etc.

Using the information you provide I'll create an ID card template for your company. Once this template is in my system your ID cards can then be printed instantly for your employees whenever you need them.

For your first card it typically take a day or two to create your template and get it into the system. So when you schedule an appointment for your first card the system will set the appointment out by a few days. This gives you time to send the information needed to create your ID card template.

Repeat clients, since your ID badge template has already been created, are able to schedule appointments typically the same day or following day.

First time / One-off ID Card:

1) Click the "Book Now" button below to schedule your appointment. Be sure to send your template information right away, including your company logo if you have one, to

First time clients Book Now

Repeat Clients:

2) Click the "Book Now" button below to schedule your appointment.

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For group cards:

Contact me so we can make arrangements that best suit the schedule of you and your employees.


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