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Benefits of a Professional Headshot for Actors and Models

Your Headshot

As an aspiring model or actor your headshot is without a doubt your single most important investment. Your headshot is likely what will determine if you get your first big break.

And for established models and actors your headshot is what lands you jobs and keeps you working. The people who give you work and feed your career - casting directors and modeling agencies - use headshots every single day to decide who to call in for auditions, and who to pass by.

Do you rely on other streams to get noticed, for example Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn? Competition is fierce and you won't be taken seriously without a quality professional headshot.

To put it simply, a quality headshot it absolutely vital to your career.

My Actor and Model Headshot Sessions

My headshot sessions are casual and easy for you and produce great results that will get you noticed.

For model and actor headshots I recommend a two-part approach.

Part one is a series of studio headshots. Studio headshots are considered to be the traditional headshot and have been used in both acting and modeling for decades. Most of the big actors and models you've ever heard of no doubt started their careers with a studio headshot.

These studio headshots are designed to take advantage of studio lighting which can be manipulated to bring out a desired impression. For example, with men lighting can give you that tough guy look or make you casual and approachable. For women lighting can make you shy and vulnerable or powerful and strong.

Part two consists of outdoor headshots. Outdoor headshots are a more modern take on headshots and bring a feeling of authenticity to your image. Insider info indicates that some casting directors are beginning to prefer outdoor headshots over studio shots.

Of course you don't have to do both. You can book just a studio headshot session or just an outdoor session. But if you are serious about your career I recommend you take advantage of my Studio & Outdoor package which offers a decent discount when you book both indoor and outdoor headshots at the same time.

Before Your Appointment

After you have scheduled your headshot session I will call you so I can learn a bit about you and your goals and to get an idea of what you'd like for your headshot to convey. I'll also answer any questions you may have.

Day of Your Session

On the day of your appointment be sure to bring clothing for the number of looks your package includes. Studio session include either one or two looks and up to one or two hours of studio time depending on the package. A look is a complete change of clothing and each look should be different from the previous. Outdoor sessions include one or two looks and up to one or two hours of time again depending on the package. The Studio & Outdoor package includes an unlimited number of looks and up to 3 hours of time divided between the studio and outdoors.

The more looks the better, as this provides greater variety to choose from in your final images.


Male actors: I recommend you take advantage of whatever number of looks your pacakge includes. When doing so keep in mind that at least one look should be similar to the type of role you think you are either most interested in or most likely to be cast in. I also recommend you bring something casual like a plain colored t-shirt. The t-shirt should have no logos or discernible type or images. Anything that would distract the casting director while looking at your face is a no-go. Grey or black is usually the best color for a t-shirt, although any color can be used.

Male models: the recommendations are identical to those above for a male actor. Even though you aren't technically concerned with catching the interest of a casting director, you are interested in peaking the interest of an agency or scout. So optimizing your looks are still important.

Female actors: I cannot stress enough how important it is to take full advantage of whatever number of looks your package includes. Keep in mind that a look is a complete outfit and can include varying your hair and makeup as well. For your headshot you don't want your makeup applied too heavy. It should be exactly as you would wear it on a typical day at work or out shopping. Your choices for tops should be simple and be of colors that compliment your skin tone and your eyes. If you have green eyes a green top looks great in a headshot. If you have lighter skin then lighter colors will look best, and if you have darker skin darker colors will look best. No logos, print or images on your top. Frills and design features should be minimal. You don't want anything distracting the viewer from your face.

Female models: should again capitalize on the number of looks your package offers, with each look being different from the next. And keep in mind that each look can also include a change in hair or makeup. The same clothing rules apply as for female actors above: plain top, colors that compliment your skin and eyes.

For both men and women: even though only your head and top will be visible in the final image, most people find it helpful to fully dress for the part. In other words, if you're wearing a shirt and tie in your headshot, you don't want to be wearing shorts. Dressing appropriately makes you feel more confident, which always shows in the final image.


Let's talk about makeup for a moment.

For women, unlike your test shoot when you should apply your makeup heavier than normal, the makeup in your headshot needs to be exactly as you would wear it any other day, for example at work, out shopping, etc. This applies to both models and actors.

For men, don't be shy about applying a light amount of makeup to improve upon your headshot. Every famous model and actor does it. Just don't go overboard with it - unless that's your thing and then go for it; you be you. The idea for men is to get the benefit of makeup without looking like you are wearing any. So light, gentle application is key.

Women should always bring their makeup, and men, if you will be using makeup make sure to bring it with you. We don't supply makeup as it would be unsanitary to share. So be sure to bring it with you if you will be using it.

There is a lighted vanity in the dressing room where you can apply or touch up your makeup and hair.

Session Duration

My actor and model headshot sessions typically take from 1 to 3 hours depending on the package you purchase. My primary goal is to deliver a product that both you and I can be proud of. If this means your session takes a little more time than what your session package includes there is no additional charge.

After Your Session

Headshot packages include "gentle" retouching unless you specify otherwise. Gentle retouching removes most blemishes but not birth marks or moles unless you request otherwise. You also have the option of requesting no retouching or major retouching, the later at an additional cost due to the time involved.

Within six days after your headshot session your images I will send you an email that has a "session code" and instructions on how you can view your proof images.

Once you have viewed your proofs and you are happy you will be able to pay any balance due. You'll then receive a second email with a link to download your finalized full resolution images complete with copyright so that you may use them in any way you wish. I do retain the right to use any images on my website, social media, and/or in my marketing.

Your image files can be instantly published and shared online or printed at any photo printer. Prints are also available from my studio. Industry standard headshot print size is 8x10. Be sure your name is printed at the bottom of the photo. Contact me if you would like more information or to place an order.


My prices are all inclusive. I don't charge a separate "studio fee" or "session fee" which can sometimes be hundreds of dollars.

Studio Packages

  • In Studio 1&1 - headshots in the studio - one look, up to one hour of time, 2 images. $89   Book Now
  • In Studio 2&2 - headshots in the studio - two looks, up to two hours of time, 4 images. $159   Book Now

Outdoor Packages

  • Outdoor 1&1 - headshots outdoors - one look, up to 1.5 hours of time, 2 images. $149   Book Now
  • Outdoor 2&2 - headshots outdoors - two looks, up to 2.5 hours of time, 4 images. $249   Book Now

Studio & Outdoor Packages

  • Indoor & Outdoor - studio headshots and outdoor headshots - unlimited looks, up to 3 hours of time, 6 images. $199   Book Now

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