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Benefits of a Professional Headshot for Business

A headshot is a must-have for professionals of all types.

Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram? You need a quality headshot.

Do you have business cards or a website? You need a quality headshot.

In the business world a quality headshot is expected, and it's not something you want to be without.

Do you rely on other streams to get noticed, for example Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn? Competition is fierce and you can't compete without a quality professional headshot.

Other Types of Headshots

Looking for a Pageant, Model, or Actor headshot? Click here for more information or to book a Pageant, Model or Actor headshot.

Before Your Appointment

Once you have scheduled your headshot session I will call you prior to your appointment to go over a few details and answer any questions you may have.

Day of Your Session

My headshot shoots are casual, fun and provide great results.

For studio headshots you will be able to immediately see and choose your favorite(s) from the images that were captured during your session in the studio. Your chosen final images will be ready in about seven to ten working days. If you need them faster call and I may be able to make special arrangements.

Even though only your head and upper torso will be visible in the final image, most people find it helpful to fully dress for the part. In other words, if you're wearing a shirt and tie, you don't want to be wearing shorts. Dressing from head to toe for your photo makes you feel more confident, which always shows in the final image.

Please arrive at the studio ready for your session, with hair, makeup and clothing ready and prepped. There is a changing room with lighted vanity if you need to touch up your makeup or hair.

After Your Session

My headshot packages include "full but gentle" retouching of your headshot images at no additional cost. This retouching includes skin smoothing and removal of most skin blemishes along with eye and teeth brightening. You can of course choose not to have your images retouched if you prefer.

Once you have viewed your proofs and you are happy you will be able to pay any balance due. You'll then receive a second email with a link to download your finalized full resolution images complete with copyright so that you may use them in any way you wish. I do retain the right to use the images on my website and/or in my marketing.

Your image files can be instantly uploaded and shared to any social media. Printed photos can also be ordered here in the studio. Contact me for more information or to place an order for photo prints.


The pricing below is for a typical corporate or business headshot. If you are looking for model, actor, or pageant headshot information click here instead.

I don't hide my pricing or make you go through a long process to find the cost of your headshot.

Each of my headshot session packages you'll find listed below along with the price.

I don't charge a separate "studio fee" or "session fee". There is no "buyout" fees for unlimited usage of your photos. In fact there are no hidden fees of any kind.

Each session includes a certain number of images and digital photos. Once your session is complete you can always add as many additional digital photos and prints as you like.

Studio Headshot Packages

  • The Standard Business Headshot Package. Typical session is about ten to fifteen minutes but I include up to thirty minutes of studio time just in case. Package includes 1 fully edited Headshot image of your choice. $149     Book Now

  • The Double Business Headshot Package. Typical session is about fifteen to thirty minutes but I include up to fourty-five minutes of studio time just in case. Package includes 2 fully edited Headshot images of your choice. $199     Book Now

  • The Triple Business Headshot Package. Typical session is about thirty minutes but I include up to fourty-five minutes of studio time just in case. Package includes 3 fully edited Headshot images of your choice. $229     Book Now

Group Packages

Group package rates are available for 3 or more people getting headshots in the studio during the same session. One finalized headshot image for each person in the group.

  • Studio Group Headshot package, one look, same background, 15 minutes each, 1 fully edited digital Headshot image, $99 per person     Book Now

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Free On-Site Wardrobe

Need a headshot but don't have suitable clothing to wear for it?
Not to worry, I've got you covered.
With a large selection of tops and jackets for both men and women, chances are good you'll find just what you need to make that perfect impression. And there's no charge to use them.

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