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A word about hair and makeup. Hair and makeup together have a crucial impact on your final look, and can be the difference between taking home a breathtaking photograph or one that is just OK. The impact that professional quality hair and makeup will have on your final images cannot be overstated.

Female clients are highly encouraged to either book a session that includes hair and makeup or to come to the session with professional level makeup already applied. Some people can do their own makeup and make it look fantastic. Others cannot.

Generally I don't recommend makeup whatsoever for children under about nine years of age, unless the shoot is for a pageant or competition.

When doing makeup for Portrait sessions be sure to apply a bit heavier than normal. This is because the camera does not pick up makeup in the same way that the human eye does, and because makeup can often become somewhat muted in the post processing of your images. 

Remember that hair is just as important as makeup. Perhaps even more so. As with makeup, if you can do your own hair and make it look superb that is fantastic. If not you will want to book a session that includes hair and makeup or have your hair professionally styled before arriving at your session.

If you are unsure where to go for your hair and makeup I suggest Ulta as they can do both hair and makeup for a very reasonable price and we have had good luck with their services for our clients.

You can book an appointment with Ulta here.

Alternatively if you can do your own hair and you only need makeup you can contact Merle Norman in Dothan.

I offer this information as a personal recommendation only as I am not affiliated with Ulta or Merle Norman and I earn no commission or referral should you decide to use their services.

Booking a session with hair and makeup included is recommended since it simplifies your session, assures there are no unnecessary or unforeseen delays, and makes sure that the makeup and hairstyle you receive is right for the types of photos we will be doing.


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