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Sometimes time is of the essence and you want to book your session now but you won't have the money to easily pay for it until later.

For these times I offer a very simple 3 installment payment solution.

1) Booking - Go ahead and book your session now and pay only a small session holding fee. This fee simply reserves the spot for your session so no one else books it and is deducted from your session cost. Even if you are booking a fine art, glamour, or boudoir session, I'll use your session holding fee as your pre-session consultation fee so you pay only one small fee.

2) Session - When you come in for your session pay whatever amount you like towards the balance as long as it is at least 20%. Because you are able to schedule your session anywhere from a few days to many weeks out it gives you the opportunity to choose a date in the future that works within your budget.

3) Pickup - When you come in to pickup your photos, or when you download your photos from this website, pay the remaining balance. This can be anytime you wish up to a year after your session so there is no rush.

This means you can go ahead and book that maternity photoshoot or your bridal photosession now and pay the balance anytime within a year!


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